Monday, January 14, 2013


Every night for the past three weeks we have been reading Pinkalicious before bedtime. Not just one or two times, but three, four, even five times before bed. Someone also has to wear their cupcake jammies and someone even gets her daddy to read to her. :) 

Since, pink is my favorite color and we are on a "pinkalicious" kick I thought I would share some pretty, pink photos with all of you today.

image one via here
image two via here
image three via here
image four via here


  1. Love pinkalicous and all those images. When you are done with that try Purpleicious! Super cute also.

  2. I love Pinkalicious, and love that Elle loves these books, too! I saw someone did a Pinkalicious birthday party for their daughter and it was SO cute!

  3. we are big fans as well... although i think that stella has moved onto silverlicious as her favorite! how you get e to sit through the entire book 1x is amazing to me as ruby wants nothing to do with those books! ladybug girl is a totally different story though...