Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby Gender Revealing Party

We had our baby gender revealing party on Monday evening and it was a lot of fun!

I had a lot of fun planning this party thanks to Rebecca from fresh chick design studio who designed the cupcake toppers, party dots, favor tags, and dessert labels! { I can not thank her enough for how wonderful everything turned out!} Some of you have asked me to share photos and the details that went into this party which I am happy to do. However, for whatever reason the lighting on these photos is not the best so I am a little disappointed.

The details:
Colors: Hot Pink, Baby Blue, and Lime Green
Theme: "Oh, Sweet Baby" where we served candy, desserts, and beverages all in the theme of being sweet and of course either being pink, blue, or lime green.

Raspberry macaroons from essence bakery
home made cheesecake serve with raspberry sauce, raspberries or blueberries,
homemade vanilla cupcakes with homemade vanilla frosting from my hummingbird bakery cookbook {its my favorite}. I used pink ruffle liners from the Wilton brand. I have included a photo and these were purchased at Joann Fabric Store.
Lime green, baby blue, and pink colored taffy
Pink and blue stripe gummy worms

Raspberry lemonade served in jelly jars with hot pink and white paper striped straws from cdk designs.
Sparkling water, Blue Moon beer, and of course several bottles of bubbly for the guests.

Party Favors:
Mini chocolate bars wrapped in scrapbook paper served in chinese takeout boxes

We shared the news by putting a certain color frosting inside the cupcakes which were served last. We had our guests either wear blue if they thought we were having a boy and pink if they thought we were having a girl. Lets just say the team that was outnumbered ending up losing! I will share the result with you all tomorrow in my What I'm Loving this Week's posting.

Here are the photos. Enjoy!


  1. this is way too cute! so EXCITED for you!! hope you are feeling well.

  2. Very cute! Everything turned out just great. Love the candy bar wrappers - esp the argyle ones!

  3. OMG - how completely adorable!!!!! I love eevrything about your big party. Now, I will wait in complete suspense until tomorrow...

  4. This is so cute! I've never done anything fancy for a party. This makes me want to!

  5. very sweet, CONGRATS on your little pink or blue bundle! Can't wait to hear. Fabulous party!!!

  6. Very adorable! I love all the printables you created!

  7. Sooo cute, Heidi! You are so creative. Seriously!!! What a neat idea for a sex-revealing party!

    Can't wait for you post tomorrow on the final reveal :)

  8. so cute!! I love cupcake toppers!!!

  9. BEYOND did a gorgeous job!!!! I am sooooo excited you are having a girl, you have some ridiculous spending in your future :)