Friday, July 23, 2010

Golden Gate Vacation

{photo via we heart it}

My husband and I leave on Sunday for our last hurrah aka "babymoon". Usually we love beach escapes but this heat {100+ days} is taking a toll on me so I am excited that we have decided to go to San Francisco. I haven't been there since high school and my husband hasn't been there since college so in some ways it will be like visiting a whole new city. I am thrilled to be packing for 60 degree weather {gives me a reason to wear some new fall items I have purchased}, eat some delicious food, go on a bay cruise, seek out some cupcake bakeries, and of course San Francisco has some great shopping areas that await my arrival. I am pretty sure someone said new ballet flats were in the shopping forecast!

As much as I love going on vacations I always find myself overpacking, stressing about making sure the house is clean before we leave, being in mid flight and having panic thoughts as to "Did I leave my makeup bag on the bathroom counter and did I pack my phone charger?", and then the there is the dreadful unpacking when we return home. Ugh.

Anyone else feel this way when it comes to traveling or am I just being whiny?lol.

On the bright side...I know we are going to have a great time and I can't wait to share my adventures with all of you when I return.

PS: I will be having one of my blog friends Melanie, doing a guest posting for me next week so please make her feel welcomed! You will love what she has to share.


  1. Have fun in SF! I can understand you chose a cooler city to visit. This heat is getting to me as well, so I booked a vacation to Norway. Make sure you visit Neiman Marcus in San Francisco!

  2. Have an amazing time in San Fran!!!!

  3. Have an amazing time! I'm looking forward to hearing all about your trip!

    PS - Unpacking stinks!!! I totally agree!

  4. Have a fun trip! I've never been to San Francisco - but it's definitely on to "to visit list".

    I would loove some 60 degree weather right now to escape this awful heat! Yuck!

    I do the same thing about feeling tense before traveling. And although I always overpack in excess, there's always something I didn't bring!

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  6. Have a great holiday - gorgeous luggage pic:)

  7. Have a great time in SF! I will be there myself in a few days! xxoo :)

  8. Hi Heidi, Hope you are having a fantastic time and that we can read all about it when you are back.
    TC & hugs Anna

  9. hope you had a lovely time in san fran!!

    I'm an overpacker too... and I'm ALWAYS thinking i left something/didn't lock the door... etc. etc. and then i return home and none of that happened.


    love your blog!!