Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Please Welcome Melanie

I am so excited to be guest posting on Cherry Blossom’s today. Heidi, I hope you are not even looking at your computer, and enjoying your “babymoon”!

As a “style scout” I have always been passionate about fashion. But my love for clothes is definitely trumped by my love of accessories. With fall right around the corner, I can’t help but daydream about what wonderful things we will have to choose from this season!

Last spring we started to see a lot of the cross body bag and it seems as though this trend is going forward into fall. I could not be more thrilled because I love the silhouette! And for all you mom’s out there, this is the perfect “hands free” bag. The bag sizes are much smaller than we have seen in the past, which makes for lower prices and a lot less weight on our shoulders.

Here are a few that really caught my eye, all courtesy of www.shopbop.com

This would be a major splurge, but Alexander Wang kills it with this one. Love the color and all the amazing details. $825
Simple, but great little details by Linea Pelle $325

Do you love Gold hardwear? I do!!! $325 by Rebecca Minkoff

WGACA vintage floral bag…love the distressing on this one. $118

If you love something more classic, this option by State & Lake is perfect $148

For other stylish finds, Check out my blog at www.yourstylescout.blogspot.com

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