Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Newest Love

I have found the neatest thing and I want it for Christmas!
{Granted, I am in no position to be needing or wanting a Christmas gift this year} But..... I would love to have a Silhoutte Machine! Have any of you seen this crafty machine or already own one?!

I enjoy searching for new decorating ideas but I am often overwhelmed by the instructions or I don't own have half the supplies that are required so I tend not to bother. However, I think this Silhoutte Machine is my answer in changing that.

This machine can do it all! It can make cupcake wrappers, wall vinyl decor images, etch glass designs, make scrapbook designs, make greeting cards, and best of all silhouettes! I would love to create a family portrait wall in my hallway using silhouettes such as
Melissa's wall from Project Nursery!

Isn't this stunning?


  1. I just ordered one for my birthday! Shall be here within a week!! I am so with you, love seeing all these things and dreaming of all the 'homemade' things I can do from all of the amazing inspirations I see in blogland!

  2. That is really neat! It would totally save money. Because just the supplies, alone, involved in home-made things can add up to be expensive quickly! This silhouette machine is a worthwhile investment! :)

  3. Tracy I am so jealous that you are getting one!!

  4. you should get one and treat yourself! :)

  5. What a fantastic idea! I like. And am a big fan of lovely collections of frames :)