Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to School Resolutions

With the school year getting underway for some and only a matter of weeks away for others...I came across an article on back to school resolutions. I thought, "How perfect", because if you are like me, I have not attained my New Years resolution nor do I remember what they were! But trust me, these back to school resolutions are sure to be more attainable than those pesky New Years ones.

My favorite resolution is taking the time to talk to children about their day. Maybe, it's the role I have at school but kids really truly love talking about their day. Okay, maybe not their entire day, but ask them about lunch or recess or if anything funny happened and they are sure to become a chatter box!

More back to school resolutions can be found here.

PS: If you are still keeping up a New Years Resolution I would love to hear about it!


  1. I love the funny stories kids pass along, or really even just the interesting way they see the world. You shoudl keep a journal of their stories - I bet you could turn it into a book!

  2. That's great, Heidi -- and it seriously will mean the world to these kids some day. So many children in our world get no attention at home -- and no one at home that cares how their day when. So, the fact that you do that - is HUGE!

    I've tried to keep my New Year's Resolution of being "nicer" to random strangers in public (ex: the cashier at the grocery store). I have een doing really good. Until today - I had to make an emergency trip to Walmart to get supplies for Capstone (it's the closest store to my house) -- and I definitely broke my resolution! Ahhh I hate that horrrrid place!