Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Golden Gate Bridge

Last Wednesday, when we were in San Francisco the skies were cloudless and the sun was shining. Apparently this was the place to be. Several people were reading books, children were seen running in and out of the water, and even a few people were parasailing...all with the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge in the distance.


  1. Look how cute you are?!?! Is that a little bump I see?! What a great babymoon!

  2. These pictures are awesome.
    And you look so beautiful!
    :) Anna

  3. I definitely am showing this pictures to Ryan to put a bug in his here to plan a trip to San Francisco! It looks so gorgeous! We always say we need to get out there - what a perfect getaway! Especially from this heat!

    Also, you look beautiful! You are glowing :)