Thursday, August 5, 2010

What I'm Loving This Week

Remember, how I told said that while I was on my babymoon I had the best cupcakes ever?!?! Well... these cupcakes were like heaven on earth. In fact, these cupcakes were not just any ordinary cupcakes they were... Kara's Cupcakes. She was actually featured on Cupcake Wars two weeks ago. She was the runner up but she really should have won.

She offers a wide variety of flavors and even has a gluten free cupcake! The only downside she does not deliver / offer mail order cupcakes :( Then, again that is maybe a good thing for this girls waistline.

My husband had the lemon flavored cupcake and I tried the keylime pie cupcake when we went to her storefront in the Ghirardelli location. They were so good we just had to have them one more time before we left town! Two days later we visited her store near the Chestnut Street shopping area where I tried her Sweet S'more cupcake. This was the cupcake she made for Cupcake Wars. It was so good that I could not stop smiling.

Okay, so I lied. I technically had 2 1/2 cupcakes. The lady gave us a mini Raspberry Dazzle to try which I split with my husband. Funny how I am willing to split the mini cupcake but not the full size one! This one was alright but def not as good as the Keylime Pie, Lemon, and def not as good as the Sweet S'more! and yes...those crumbs in the background is the aftermath of me eating the Sweet S'more cupcake. That poor cupcake did not even stand a chance with me!


  1. Yum! And gorgeous last shot with the swirly pink icing. Love a pink cupcake.

  2. Yum, yum, yum! They look very pretty and delicious, and I love the pink box they come in. Raspberry dazzle sounds sooo good!

  3. You're making me hungry! :) Happy weekend to you! xxoo

  4. They look so good! I was in London two weeks ago and I actually had my first real cupcake. It was sooooo delicious! I just CAN'T understand why they don't sell them here!!? But I have decided to make them myself:) Have a great day! xoxo

  5. They look so yummy! You one lucky girl :)