Sunday, November 22, 2009

Love x's Five

I may not live in a very big or fancy home, nor may it be my dream home for that fact, but I am thankful for what I do have. Someday, I look forward to redesigning my next home by putting in hardwood flooring, french doors, and white glass cabinets in my kitchen amongst a never ending list of "ohhs" and "ahhs"of decorating items that are on my want list.

Someday I would like to have a dining room like this. Loving the buffet table and of course those doors.

I also would love to have a claw foot tub and a chandelier in my bathroom or dressing area.


and of course a cute, quaint backyard for entertaining over pitchers of wine and sangria.

But really what matters is that you live in a home where there is love. This weekend I toured and donated some food/ house hold products to children residing in a children's home. This place was amazing! This children's home relies heavily on volunteers so its amazing to see how much support they receive over the years. Each home is separated by age and if the children are male and female. Each home has a set of house parents that look over the children. During the tour we were able to go inside the homes. They were beautifully decorated and all the kids were being typical kids. Some kids were watching their Saturday cartoons and in the other house the kids were playing RockBand. It makes you realize many of these children came from having nothing to pretty much living in a castle. They may not be able to live with their families, nor had a voice in where they wanted to live, but it's humbling to see that even though this home may be temporary its a home filled with love.


  1. That children's home you described sounds awesome! And your choices on your wish list are fabulous - love them! Happy Sunday!

  2. Gorgeous post and what a beautiful story about the children's home you visited.

    PS. Sorry for the delay...but CONGRATULATIONS! You are one of my winners for the holiday gift tags! Please email me with your full name & mailing address please! :)

    Also, I would love to see how your frame looks in your house if you get a chance to snap a photo! :) XOXO, Kim