Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vintage Carousel

This was my favorite surprise as I was walking through the Tuileries Garden! We spotted this carousel peeking out through some trees, and I immediately smiled, turned to my husband and said "Is this what I think it is?" and indeed it was. A vintage carousel right before my eyes and best of all a cotton candy stand next to it. (I have a thing okay more so obsession with cotton candy!) We read on the sign that it was closed and that they were at lunch. We had 20 minutes or so to waste until the sign said they would return so I became camera happy snappy away, all excited like I was a four year old again. I just love riding on carousels what can I say? Well, those 20 minutes came and went and needless to say I never did get my Paris carousel ride. grrr. I guess that just gives us another reason to come back and visit!

Do any of you immediately get excited if you eat or see something where it reminds you of your childhood days?


  1. For me it is sno-cones. I love them. They remind me of days when my mom would take us to the pool in Wahpeton. After swimming she'd always let us go to this sno-cone stand. It was such a treat for us!

  2. Same here I love snow cones. We always get them on the 4th of July. I got a snow cone machine for my wedding shower and our first summer we used it all the time.