Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Love x's Nine

Now that you know I love the beach can you guess what my favorite thing about the beach is?
Sea Shells (besides that ocean breeze smell)! Oh how I love walking up and down the shore collecting sea shells. During a visit to Coronado Island one year I found a sand dollar that was in perfect condition, and during our honeymoon my husband found a conk shell while scuba diving. Talk about a keep sake!

But what really makes seashells so special to me is that I make wishes on them. (I do not believe in shooting stars maybe because I have never seen one). I have to say there have been some wishes, big and small, that have come true and most of all I like to think that seashells are truly my lucky stars.

Shell Beach, St. Barts

Shell Beach, St. Barts known for its massive piles of nothing but... Shells!

What do you love most about the beach?

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