Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Taking Away the Stress

Having stressful moments is never fun. I wished I had seen this a few weeks ago when my life was a little "hairy" as Jamie Lee Curtis puts it in her fabulous book 'Today I Feel Silly: And Other Moods That Make My Day'.

{image via happy things}


  1. Just came across your blog! Love this post! I will definitely be following your blog!

    xo Erica

  2. That's fabulous. I should hang that in my cube.

    The 'stop thinking tomorrow will be a better day' one really resonated with me. For a couple of months there, I kept going to bed, thinking tomorrow would be a better day. I learned that if you keep saying that to yourself day after day after day, it probably means that something isn't right in your life because every day shouldn't end with you feeling like tomorrow should be/has to be better...

    And I also love the 'avoid tight fitting clothes' one. LOL. :)

  3. Much needed! Thanks for this

  4. Fantastic! Such simple ways to stay happy and stress free, will try following ALL. Thanks Heidi.