Friday, March 26, 2010

A Dreamy Place

There are many things and places I dream about. Such as vacationing in Bora Bora, having a box of macaroons from Laduree delivered to my doorstop { they don't deliver but just maybe this could be changed}, having the chance to be blessed with children someday, {especially with a daughter so she can bear a version of my mother's name}. I dream about retiring near the coast and owning a beach cottage, having groceries delivered to my home as I despise grocery shopping, having an amazing closet that is full of pull out drawers and shelves from floor to ceiling, having a claw foot bathtub, and living in Paris. Honestly, my list could go on and on. In fact, I recently attended a seminar regarding 'the inner strengths within you' and one of my top strengths was being futuristic. This can be taken that I like to dream or shall I say I want a lot of "fairytales" to happen in life, and when something doesn't go as I have envisioned I become sad. I don't usually stay sad for very long. I soon realize that maybe its a good thing that my original thoughts {I mean fairytale ideas} don't always work out. In the end it makes me appreciate the moment for what it is worth and with a lot more gratitude.

{image via sweet home style}

So lovely readers do you have a place where you go to dream or what is it that you often dream about? I know I can't be the only dreamer!


  1. I have dreamt of going to Paris, so I cannot wait to get there in May. One place that draws me back to it is New York. I love going there and discovering new neighborhoods and little shops. I could live there for sure!

  2. I dream of owning a beach house. Waking in the morning and taking a long run on the beach, on running trails by a marina, and just breathing the clean/fresh/ocean air. And then going to a farmers market to purchase daily fresh produce and fish to cook. Every afternoon I would spend time in my garden, and I'd have cute gardening shoes and gloves.....

    *sigh* I am having ocean withdrawals from last week

  3. It's important to have dreams. They keep us striving onwards and upwards. I dream of owning a home someday. I dream of finding my Mr. Right. i dream of having children. I dream of finding a career that is a great fit.

  4. I too dream of having a house by the sea.

    I love this saying....
    "Dream your dreams with open eyes and make them come true."

    ~ T. E. Lawrence

    Bon weekend,

    Leeann x

  5. Bonjour,
    Just found your beautiful blog via LeeAnn @ Fabulously French. I love your list of dreams. The Laduree delivery is a definite winner, and I'm still working on the claw foot bath. You're right, I want to continue to appreciate each moment of this fairy tale I am living!
    I'll be following along and will be back soon.
    Bon weekend,

  6. thank you sooo much for your feedback!
    and I am with doesn't hurt to dream about places you would love to go and things you want to do...sometimes God surprises us with these dreams come tue!

  7. You are absolutely right! Dreaming is what keeps me going, and if one dream doesn't work out, I keep on dreaming! Have a great week.