Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Unique Beauty Treats

I came across this fun beauty line this past weekend. Its called Love and Toast and its created by Margot Elena. Miss Margot Elena is also the fabulous creator behind Toykomilk and my favorite lollia product which I can not get enough of!

The hand lotions come in six yummy scents Gin Blossom, Honey Coconut, Mandarin Tea, Paper Flower, Pomme Poivre, and Sugar Grapefruit.

Lip gloss flavors are Cherry Lemonade, Gin and Lime, Lemon Mint, Prickly Pear, Star Anise, Vanilla Chai, and Sugar Grapefruit.
Yum, I want them all!

{photos via myself}


  1. I love Lollia! This is so exciting to find a new line. I will be putting that on my post-Lent shopping list for sure!

  2. ooh, what fun, can't wait to try it! where do you find them!?

  3. I love this kind of fun, bright packaging! The hand lotions look amazing!