Thursday, March 18, 2010

What I'm Loving this Week

Pencils. That's right you read it correctly. I know it's a little strange to love pencils but I was that child who used to have a pencil collection and yes, I am proud of my pencil collection {which I proudly still have despite being packed away}. So, when I came across these pencils I knew I had to have them since they are pink and imprinted with one of my favorite quotes "Stay Classy". Apparently, this means one thing...besides collecting cupcake books I am still collecting pencils at the age of 30.

Here are some other quotes that you may enjoy from earmark gatherings

Do any of you have a childhood collection of some sorts or perhaps are still collecting items that fancy your heart?


  1. I prefer pencils over pens so much. People stare... But NOW that I can order some really cool ones, I'm so excited. Thanks for the tip.

    As far as collecting... all my childhood collections have gone by the wayside. I collected Snow Village houses for awhile. Now I guess the one thing I love to collect is books. They make me happy~

  2. Love them! Actually, I love all office supplies. I have a pencil collection too! My dad sends me a pencil for every holiday - sometimes they even have funny erasers. So sweet!

  3. I had pencils with my name printed on them when I was a child. I loved it.