Friday, March 19, 2010

Hello Spring.. Hello Happiness

I have been trying to become a more positive person or I should say trying to think more positive about things so a goal of mine is to find something each day that makes me smile. Well, one of those things was this tree! I have lived in my neighborhood for over four years and I have never noticed this beautiful tree until this week. Now I am left wondering "Could this really be a cherry blossom tree?" I didn't think AZ had cherry blossoms but I'm not sure. Either way I think it's beautiful and it made my day!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the first day of spring on Saturday! I plan on being outside as much as possible and will be kicking off the weekend by having a day date today with the husband! {yes, he took the day off}

PS: If anyone has an idea to what kind of tree this may be please let me know. I am too scared to leave a note on my neighbor's door!


  1. I love your plan of finding one thing to smile about each day - that is fabulous! Enjoy the sunshine - that is my plan too! xxoo :)

  2. Gorgeous! I have no idea what kind of tree it is other than a pretty tree. Wish I could help! I think you should ask yuor neighbor - they'd probably be flattered!

  3. Positive thoughts draw positive things into your life! I write down each day what I'm grateful for. A gorgeous cherry blossom tree would be one of them! We have a few in our back yard - ♥ them!

  4. Have a wonderful weekend. Hope you find more signs of spring. From what I can tell it looks like cherry blossoms to me.