Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Childhood Best friend

Last week I got to cherish a memorable moment...I was able to reunite with my childhood best friend! Thanks to Facebook we were able to reunite a few months ago via the electronic world but I also think God and my mom knew I needed her back in my life. My best friend Kristina and I met in the 1st grade. I told her she was "cute" and that I wanted to be friends with her. Well, from that day forward we were inseparable for many years. I can't even count how many sleepovers we had {and some even in her backyard inside a tent}, riding our bikes all over the neighborhood, playing barbies and experimenting with hairspray {as you can see I desperately needed help in the hair department}, going to the local swimming pool, getting ice-cream, having her mom drop us off at the mall and blowing all of our money at Claires, watching Full House and the Cosby show {yes, we were true 80's children thru and thru}, baking brownies, making Orange Julius in her mom's kitchen {oh the mess we would make.... sorry Mrs. T!!}, attending 4-H together, and eating supper over at her house {pizza, carrot sticks, and milk}, and wait..... we often would pretend we were on Star Search. Yes, that's right Star Search with Ed McMann! One of us would sing and dance as the other one pretended to be the judge. We would get out our paper and pen and give each other scores. Now, if anyone were to hear me sing you would be running for the hills!

Soon there was middle school and my dad and I moved to a different part of the city which meant Kristina and I attended different schools. We were starting to make new friends and the times we got to spend with each other dwindled down. We would occasionally see each other throughout high school, then college and post college life consumed us, and we lost touch with one another. Well, fast forward several years and here we are reunited!

This past week Kristina was in town visiting family so it was great that she was able to spend a few hours with me and we went out to dinner. I was able to meet her sweet little daughter, see her mom again, and I was able to introduce my husband to her. Next time we see each other, hopefully it will be with both of our spouses and maybe one day I will have a child and our children will become friends!

{my 9th or 10th Birthday celebration}

{1997 High School Prom}

{2010 Phoenix, AZ}

I am so glad that it was only a few years that we were absent from each other's lives and not any longer as I can't wait to see what the future holds for both of us!

What are your childhood best friend memories?


  1. How adorable are the two of you! I love those pictures. My best friend since the 2nd grade is now my boss at a preschool that I work at. We have a blast together and have many funny stories that I will take to my grave! These are the friendships to treasure for life, so glad you reconnected with yours! Marcia

  2. I'm glad you guys were able to get together! Reunions w/ childhood friends are wonderful.

    I don't keep in touch with any of my childhood friends, with the exception of my cousin Julie. We are still the best of friends all these years later, even though we don't see each other all that often and don't talk on the phone.