Friday, March 12, 2010

Let Spring Break Begin

Come 12:30 and I will be starting spring break for the week! Yippie! I wish I was going on a trip but I am not. I plan on enjoying my staycation by sleeping in, taking naps, trying out some new cupcake recipes, (perhaps even making some macaroons), make another attempt at sewing, reading by the pool or lounging on the backyard hammock (after all the Mr. Weather man is promising sunny skies and temps of 80), catching up with friends that I never get to see, and maybe even taking in a spring training baseball game! I keep hinting to my husband how fun it would be if he took a day off from work next week so we could go and watch the cubbies play ball. He never lets me down so I hope he reads this and knows how fun it would be if he did!

{image via urban outfitters}

Do any of you have fun weekend or spring break plans? If so where are you going and what will you be doing?!
PS: Thank you all for the lovely comments this week! It means a lot :)


  1. I'll be spendng the weekend at work wishing tax season would hurry along. I was thinking of doing some baking Sunday. Let me know if you have a must try recipe!!!

  2. I will be going out and enjoying the lovely sunshine - walking, bike riding, cafes (to people watch...and relax). Enjoy your spring break! xxoo :)

  3. what fun, spring break'ing in style! Have a great week ... post pics of your fabulous creations (baking, sewing, whatever!) xoxo

  4. Enjoy your spring break! I think staycations are awesome. My 2 weeks off between my jobs was so wonderful. It's such a good opportunity to catch up with friends, work on projects, etc. I had never taken time off and been home but would definitely do it again.

  5. We usually don't do much at Spring Break, but this year we decided to take a cruise with our best friends and our two daughters. We will be cruising to Mexico and the Cayman Islands. It's been such a cold winter, I am SOOOOOOOO ready... but our Spring Break isn't until April!

    Of course I'm using the time I have from now until then to diet, and slather on the self tanner!! LOL